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ZN / ComRes Report

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Key graphs presented in the EU Digital Pulse report

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Key comments and quotes from speakers

More will be added on Friday 11 May 2012

“ This ground-breaking research provides fresh insight into the way politics is developing at the EU level, and social media channels are now firmly part of the political landscape.  It is no longer an option for those seeking to conduct any sort of relationship with policy makers to rely on traditional forms of communication.  The burgeoning use of social media by policy should be seen not as a threat but embraced as a great opportunity to utilise a far more effective and advantageous method of communication. 

We will be repeating this Monitor in future years and, when considered alongside our traditional media readership survey, the data forms a comprehensive, objective guide to engaging with the people who matter. ”

Andrew Hawkins, ComRes Chairman

“ This confirms the growing importance of alternative communication channels in the communication mix.  The 'normalization' of social media tools in everyday life for the EU Brussels crowd requires communicators to rethink their communication approach and start moving with the times.  They need to adapt their mindset and habits to this new environment in order to develop the right solutions.  Too often we see communicators using an analog mind in a digital world. ”

Philip Weiss, ZN Founder and Managing Director


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